Consumer Snacking

Snacking: A world of change

According to Nielsen, up to 45% of global respondents consume snacks as an alternative for breakfast, lunch or dinner

In tracking and researching this trend extensively, we know that consumers are forever changing how, when and what they eat. Around the world, people are moving away from the traditional three meals a day to snacking more often throughout the day.

Already, traditionally preferred snacks such as crisps and sweets are being left behind by a much broader range of snack options.

What is a snack?

At Kerry, we define a snack as something that is usually smaller than a meal and is eaten between or instead of regular meals for a variety of functional or emotional reasons.

Consumers want to energise their busy lifestyles in terms of both mental alertness and physical performance. We help customers develop great-tasting snacks that meet consumer demands for satiety and other health-related benefits, or to fuel physical activities.

Emotionally, they may want a snack to indulge, as a treat or reward or to explore new taste and texture experiences. Our extensive consumer research shows that life stage, gender and day part also shape consumers' snacking decisions.

Understanding these variations allows us to collaborate with our customers to create compelling snacks that meet the needs and wants of consumers today. Explore our range of snacks solutions.

As the landscape continues to evolve, we're evolving our methods of capturing insights, building on the firm foundations of a global network that gives us regional and local insight.

Our understanding is being applied across all categories to explore opportunities and fill gaps in the marketplace. Working with us allows you to take full advantage of our global marketing and sensory expertise to better understand consumer preferences and develop snacks that both nourish and delight your consumers.