Cassava Brewing

Sustainable brewing with cassava

Cassava is a tuber crop grown primarily in Nigeria, Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand which is rich in available starch. It is underutilised for sugar production and beer production. With pressures on the supply and demand of other starches and cereal crops, low-cost cassava represents a potential alternative source of sugar for syrup extract producers, brewers, distillers, confectioners and ethanol producers. With the optimal application of commercial enzymes, extracts of desired quality can be obtained from the cassava tuber.

Typical Cassava Brewing Problem Kerry's Solution
Poor extract levels Hitempase, Bioamylase
High mash viscosities and starch positive wort Hitempase, Bioamylase, Bioglucanase
Poor fermentability/alcohol yield Bioamylase D, Amylo 300
Limited vitamins, essential salts and amino acids for yeast Yeastex
Poor foam stability Biofoam K, Biofoam AT