Beer Brewing Ingredients

Our beer brewing ingredients and processing aids complement the natural brewing process. Our brewing experts build on our rich heritage, offering innovative and science-based solutions to the unique challenges facing the industry.

Kerry’s brewing business was founded by a brewer more than 50 years ago.

Our extensive knowledge of the beer brewing process and expertise in flavouring and beer brewing ingredients uniquely positions us to offer you solutions across the whole brewing process.

Our teams of master brewers, flavourists and technology specialists bring together:

  • in-depth knowledge of the brewing process

  • key market insights

  • unrivalled understanding of beer material sourcing

  • strong expertise in natural extracts, flavours and crystals

  • comprehensive analytical and sensory mapping

  • innovative and cost-effective solutions

We have a full range of beer brewing ingredients and flavour solutions to meet your brewing needs


Beer Brewing Ingredient Portfolio

Enzymes to enhance process efficiency and beer quality

Clarification process aids

Natural cloud systems

Foam control

Foam stabilisers

Yeast nutrients

Beer Brewing Taste Portfolio

Beer and malt profile enhancers

Citrus flavours

Cider aromas portfolio

Brown sweet

Alcohol absolutes

Botanicals and natural extracts

(sugar reduction)

Applications Expertise

We have a global team of brewers, flavourists and food technologists that are supported by sensory and application scientists and analytical services. Our expertise and technical know-how mean we can help you create beer products that have exceptional taste and quality.

Innovation Assistance

We know how to uncover genuine insights on the ever-changing alcoholic beverage consumer and their consumption habits. Read more about how we lead our customers to meaningful innovation through consumer-driven insights.

Our brewing team can help you grow your business

The beer brewing process: explore how we can help

Standard Brewing

High Adjunct Brewing

High Gravity Brewing

Kerry’s portfolio throughout the brewing process

Kerry's beer brewing heritage

Our speciality enzyme business was established in 1967 by a dynamic and entrepreneurial brewer who spotted the early potential of applying biotechnology to improve the manufacture of beer.

Under the company name Biocon, our enzymes and ingredients were developed to enable brewers to produce beer using high levels of adjunct. Our enzymes and process expertise has enabled us to help brewers in Africa produce beer from local raw materials, such as cassava and sorghum.

Biocon grew from its humble beginnings and was eventually acquired by Quest International (Unilever) and then ICI before finding a home with Kerry in 2004. Today, with more than 50 years of brewing experience to draw from, Kerry continues to be a primary manufacturer of enzymes and beer brewing ingredients. This, together with our knowledge of the raw materials used in the brewing process and our understanding of the beer brewing process as a whole, positions Kerry as a global leader supplying ingredients to the brewing industry.



Kerry’s brewing milestones

Better for the environment

As the global focus on sustainability gains momentum, more consumers want to purchase beer products from breweries and brands that are visibly solving social issues and addressing the impact they have on the environment.

Enzymes and beer brewing ingredients can help brewers achieve sustainability targets. In addition to increasing production efficiency, they can decrease CO2 emissions, reduce water and energy usage and allow the use of more sustainable local, unmalted grains.

By working with sustainability experts, Kerry has quantified process improvements in terms of sustainability benefits. We now know that our enzymes and ingredients can help a brewery save thousands of tonnes of CO2 equivalent per annum.

For example, brewing with 35% barley versus 100% malt saves 6,333 tCO2e per annum. This equates to:

  • 1.6 installed wind turbines

  • Energy use for 700 homes for one year, or

  • 14,500 barrels of oil