“Perfume is magic, is a dream. We convert the intangible in tangible. We capture memories, concepts, feelings and translate these into fragrances able to evoke them.”

The Latest Word in Fragrance

Kerry Quintescents is a creative fragrance company with the vision, market expertise and technical know-how to effectively capture the essence of a person, product or brand. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to create evocative, memorable and trendy perfumes from a marketing concept or personal inspiration.

We are based in South Australia, established in 2007, all our fragrances are designed and locally manufactured at our plant in Lonsdale, Adelaide.

Kerry Quintescents’ fragrances are proudly Australian made and IFRA certified, meeting the highest quality and safety standards.



We discover the latest in Fragrance

At Kerry Quintescents, we are able to design marketing presentations interpreting the evolution of macro-trends in the fragrance world, in particular analysing the European and the American markets, which have always been considered the “fragrance trend setters”.

We have the creativity and expertise to create and tailor cutting edge fragrance concepts, taking inspiration and tapping into different industries, from “haute couture” fashion to food, from interior design to cosmetics.


Unparalleled expertise

Our highly skilled Fragrance Team supports customers with technical, marketing and fragrance development expertise. We understand both local and international markets, offering a unique experience in fragrance creation and development.

Outstanding service

Our market expertise and tailored support allow us to partner with each of our clients enabling us to understand their products, needs and together focus on growing their business. The results are fragrances that have the capacity to transform an entrepreneurial idea into a marketable, cost effective reality.

Fragrance Applications

We design and adapt fragrances for optimal performance in a broad range of product applications:

  • Fine Fragrances (EdT, EdP, body mist)
  • Candles
  • Diffusers
  • Body Care
  • Soaps
  • Air Aroma Management
  • Cosmetics
  • Detergents
  • Household Products
  • Industrial Cleaners