Research and Development

Let us develop your ideas into winning products. Partner with us from start to finish, including
research, innovation and production.

Bringing taste and nutrition to life

Every day we’re moving the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets forward through market-leading research and innovation.

Our network of global and regional innovation and development centres brings together the best minds in the industry to help you develop products that taste great and that consumers feel good about.

Our research, development and applications experts can work with you through all stages of product development – from ideation to development and testing, recipe fine tuning, scale up and manufacturing. We’ll help you take a winning concept and turn it into a winning, commercially viable product that can be delivered quickly to market.

When you partner with Kerry, you are working with the world’s premier research, development and applications team. Excellence in taste and nutrition innovation is at the heart of our mission.

Our people

Our research and development (R&D) team of more than 800 people is made up of food scientists and technologists, nutritionists and dieticians, biochemists, engineers, sensorial science experts, flavourists and more. Inspired by our chefs, baristas and culinary experts, our R&D teams combine their passion for taste and nutrition with a solid foundation of fundamental science and research, a keen understanding of the marketplace and the know-how to develop commercially viable products.

Our locations

Kerry attracts and cultivates the best minds in the industry by providing access to state-of-the-art facilities, research and the largest portfolio of taste and nutrition solutions for the food, beverage and pharma industries. With thousands of people on the ground in more than 30 countries across six continents, we have both the local expertise and scale to partner on your next product opportunity. 

Our research

The goal of our research is simple – to provide the best taste and nutrition solutions for our customers. We believe in using real food and natural processes to do so.

We undertake extensive market research, discovering how consumers are engaging with foods and beverages and what they want out of their diets. Our R&D, applications and culinary teams use these insights to design and develop the components that will be used to help our customers create great-tasting products. 

But delivering great taste is only one piece of the puzzle. At Kerry, we use the science of nutrition to develop and improve products beyond taste, so they are better, more wholesome and nourishing.

Our ability to deliver better taste and nutrition is underpinned by a robust research programme. In addition to our own highly skilled product development teams, our customers also benefit from our partnerships with leading industry, research and educational institutions.

Together, we explore and carry out pioneering research in areas such as sensory science, nutrition, flavour creation and fermentation, and this research is at the core of our development efforts.

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