Clean Label

It takes insight and expertise to devise clean label solutions. Explore the many ways we
can partner to meet the needs of your consumers.

The clean label opportunity

We recognise that today’s consumers are increasingly looking for food they can trust, including food that is close to nature and healthy. Around the world, manufacturers across every category and channel are innovating and evolving to stay ahead of the consumer demand for clean label.

At Kerry, we strike a balance between following industry trends and creating functional, safe and sustainable solutions in order to deliver products with unwavering taste and nutrition. No matter where you are on your clean label journey, we are your total solutions partner.

Here are several ways we can work with you to create clean label foods and beverages:

Replace ingredients such as natural flavours, colors, preservatives and sweeteners with clean label alternatives while retaining key functionality, taste and nutrition profiles

Eliminate specific ingredients, such as those on a “No-No” list, without sacrificing product integrity

Leverage clean label technologies to reduce ingredients including sugar and salt and simplify product ingredient statements, such as through the use of natural multifunctional ingredients

Identify creative ways to reposition products in the marketplace including innovations in format, packaging and culinary processing and the use of small-batch production

Scale your natural brand business while maintaining an identity such as certified organic or non-GMO

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Why partner with Kerry

Our network of global and regional innovation and development centers bring together traditional processing methods, simple ingredients and culinary experts to craft the perfect recipe that delivers on trends, taste and functionality.

Kerry is a trusted source of regulatory and scientific support for our customers. Regulations are key for building consumer trust and raising the integrity of the global food, beverage and pharma industries. We influence policy, understand local and international compliance and can ensure your product meets your clean label needs.

Rather than focus on just one solution, Kerry is your total solutions partner, with clean label ingredients available in nearly every product category and formulation and a known expertise for our work on all types of foods and beverages. We offer a vast portfolio of clean label taste technologies and can also create custom solutions.

Kerry’s success as a multinational company does not come at the expense of people or places. We care about our communities and the environment and are committed to a sustainable future. Our objective is to ensure we do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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