Our Taste Expertise

Our journey to deliver good taste begins with the quest to discover the best flavours in nature.
Once these flavours are captured, we translate them to develop authentic, natural and clean taste profiles.

Beyond Flavour

Taste remains the number one driver in purchase intent, and consumers do not want to compromise. Kerry’s food heritage and extensive sourcing expertise allow us to discover and translate the best taste experiences from nature’s high quality ingredients.

Our global network of flavourists, biochemists and fermentation experts give us the insights, knowledge and technical expertise to help the manufacturers we partner with deliver flavourful, authentic and clean solutions to consumers. We offer a wide range of flavours as well as taste technologies such as extracts, stocks, infused oils and concentrate juices. Because all of these products integrate with Kerry’s entire portfolio, we can tailor offerings to meet the moving needs of customers and consumers, whether in the form of a single technology or an integatrated combination of technologies that serve multiple functions.

Discover how we go beyond flavour to build an authentic future for taste.

The Kerry Difference

As a food company with a built-in flavour house, our approach to creating good taste is unique in the industry.
Here are a few of the ways in which we stand out.

Food heritage

As a food company that began as a milk cooperative, we have a genuine passion to understand and deliver the best food to consumers.


Local footprint

With locations around the globe, our footprint surpasses others in the industry, bringing us closer to our customers and their consumers. 


From food, for food

We use our extensive sourcing and food science expertise to create solutions from nature’s high-quality ingredients.

End-to-end expertise

Our expertise, from insights to sourcing to manufacturing, lets us deliver strategic technologies that meet taste and nutrition needs while remaining differentiated in the market and integrated into customers’ approaches.


Vertical integration

Our access to thousands of proprietary technologies gives us the flexibility and freedom to create solutions for our customers without the need to rely on external suppliers.


Integrated technology value creation

Our unique know-how spans taste and nutrition technologies and food and beverage systems, allowing us to create unique combinations and solutions.

Taste with tradition, 
from natural food sources

Inspired by our heritage, we apply science to nature and bring taste to market that comes from food and is made for food.


Taste with conscience
for a better future

Committed to the nutritional well-being of people and the health of the planet, we aim to deliver taste in ways that are better for you, ethical and sustainable. 

Taste with know-how
that delivers perfectly

Dedicated to our customers, we solve their product challenges through our creativity and innovation, leading application capabilities and our understanding of how products perform.


Taste with a passion
that excites the senses

Energised by consumer demand, we create taste that delights, surprises and inspires people around the world.

The Future of Innovation

The worldwide population wants more from foods and beverages: more naturality, more excitement, more health, more sustainability and more taste. These evolving consumer needs put pressure on the industry to develop new and better taste experiences. At Kerry, we answer these challenges by focusing on five areas.

Clean Label:
Our from food, for food approach allows us to put to use our extensive sourcing knowledge and processing expertise to develop new taste solutions that bring out the best of what nature has to offer.

Authentic Taste:
Our food heritage inspires us to continuously create new ways to deliver the authenticity of freshly picked fruits and vegetables and the taste of home-cooked savoury dishes.

Nutrition and Wellness:
To create nutritionally optimised products we’ve invested heavily in solutions that allow us to reduce salt, sugar and fat and address the taste challenges of health and nutrition products without compromising on taste, texture or mouthfeel.

Sourcing and Sustainability:
We’re leading the way in crafting inventive alternatives for challenges within the taste industry, such as supplying sweet and authentic citrus flavours in the wake of citrus greening disease and navigating the volatile price of vanilla beans.

Value Creation:
Our taste solutions are economical because we believe everyone in the world deserves to eat healthy and tasteful foods and beverages.

Science-backed, Taste-tested Solutions

Our comprehensive range of natural and nutritionally optimised solutions delivers taste in the form of authentic flavours, delicious yeast extracts, succulent stocks, clean botanicals and extracts, fruity concentrated juices, garden-fresh infused oils and memorable smoke experiences, among others. 


These solutions fall into our Kerry global brands: 


A portfolio of savoury taste solutions for the food and beverage industry

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A portfolio of taste modulation solutions for products that have been nutritionally optimized

A portfolio of sweet taste solutions for the food and beverage industry

Discover how we go beyond flavour to build an authentic future for taste.

Get an insider perspective on food and beverage insights and innovations.