Our Nutrition Expertise

We combine consumer insights with the strongest nutrition science to deliver the health benefits consumers seek.
Our from food, for food solutions work across products, categories and regions.

A healthy focus

Food trends and fads may come and go, but consumers around the globe are consistent in their quest for healthy and nutritious food and beverage options. Armed with more knowledge than ever before, people of all ages are scanning food labels, seeking out specific health claims and shunning products that include ingredients on their personal no-no lists.

To deliver nutrition without compromise, our team of nutritionists, food scientist and chefs innovate and develop better-for-you products that are inspired by people and the way they eat and select foods and beverages. Our unparalleled nutrition and functional technology portfolio includes a range of offerings, from probiotics to proteins, which can be integrated into our leading authentic taste delivery systems.

Back to basics

The consumer trend towards cleaner labels and products made with less sugar, fat and salt reflects a desire for their food to get back to the basics. At the same time, many consumers are demanding foods that provide functional benefits to help them live better. To create solutions that deliver on these and other health-focused needs, our technologies are based on four Nutrition Pillars, which were developed to align with our proprietary consumer insights.

Our four Nutrition Pillars include:

Free From:
This pillar was developed to satisfy consumers who actively avoid ingredients or nutrients, such as artificial colors and flavours, preservatives, lactose and gluten. Some of these consumers are intolerant of certain foods while others simply seek better health.

Better for You:
Balance and moderation are key focuses in this pillar, which appeals to consumers such as those interested in optimising their health or losing weight. Products in this category include those with reduced sugar, salt and fat or those labeled with claims such as “low”, “less” or “diet”.

Good for You:
Packing the most health and nutrition into a single bite is the hallmark of good-for-you. Solutions such as prebiotics and probiotics fall into this category, as do plant proteins, healthy lipids and other positive nutrition components including superfoods and functional products.

Tailored for You:
Nutrition needs change over time and by health characteristics such as activity level and weight. Supported by the expertise of our nutrition scientists around the globe, our solutions are designed to suit specific consumer groups such as infants and toddlers or seniors, as well as athletes and those in search of weight management support.

Visit our Nutrition Insights page to learn more about our Nutrition Pillars.

Leading the charge

Throughout our history as a Taste & Nutrition company, we have developed key partnerships with research and educational institutions that are working to better understand nutrition needs and solutions. Our commitment to nutrition led to the development of the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute (KHNI), which translates new developments in nutrition science and policy into actionable insights for the food and beverage industry.

Learn more about our institute for nutrition science

Solutions from nature
and science

Our comprehensive range of products deliver nutritionally optimised solutions created from nature.

These solutions fall into five primary categories:

  • Proteins, including plant- and animal-based options

  • Prebiotics and probiotics, which promote digestive health

  • Lipids and bases, which align with the trend for healthy fats

  • Beta Glucan, in the form of Wellmune™, our immune-supporting product

  • Dairy, our heritage product