Food Safety and Quality

We create ingredients and products consumers can trust. Our regulatory, quality, and
safety team members collaborate to ensure it.

Safety First, Quality Always

Kerry is dedicated to excellence in food safety and quality and is a partner you can trust. Our ultimate aim is to help you make products your consumers enjoy and in which they have complete confidence.

We collaborate with industry peers, academia, technical organisations and regulatory agencies to provide the thought leadership and guidance that enables food safety throughout the supply chain. Kerry is always raising the bar in the quality continuum to deliver the highest food standards and accreditation. All of our global manufacturing sites are required to be certified against a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognised scheme.

Our food safety systems are risk based with an emphasis on hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), hazard analysis and risk-based preventive controls (HARPC) where applicable, vulnerability assessments and strong prerequisite programmes to meet current and future requirements.

Robust safety systems

Our proactive, risk-based approach to ensuring food safety begins with identifying potential risks, implementing preventative controls and validating and monitoring effectiveness. Our robust food safety management system is designed to deal with both intentional and unintentional adulteration.

The systems comply with health and food safety regimes throughout the world. To learn more about the regulatory environment in your region, visit the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute website.

Global supply quality

Our Global Supply Quality organisation (GSQ) is focused on optimising resources and minimising supplier risk in a consistent and sustainable manner across all regions. The scope of GSQ includes overseeing supplier food safety, risk management, vulnerability management (food fraud) and issue management.

Working in partnership with procurement, key business partners and industry stakeholders, we ensure our ingredients and food contact packaging suppliers manufacture safe products that are fit for use and meet Kerry’s standards.

The Global Supply Quality organisation is committed to enhancing our customers’ success by adhering to five guiding principles:

Ensure transfer of knowledge, expand where there are new skills recognised in the industry or to meet business needs and outline succession of talent.

Process – risk & vulnerability
A framework for proactively identifying, quantifying, visualising, prioritising and mitigating risks and vulnerabilities from across the business.

Process – functional

A functional structure to support growing business and market needs and embed one way of working across regions. Support total quality organisation.

Technology-enabled business process

Technology-enabled solutions to ensure efficiency, transparency and reproducibility of business processes.

Continuous improvement & sustainability
Continuously improve people, business processes, technology, awareness and engagement to achieve step changes and ensure ways of working are transferable and sustainable.

Global safety and quality commitment

Food safety and quality are embedded in Kerry’s culture and are a cornerstone of our shared values.

Kerry is committed to producing safe, high-quality food and beverage ingredients and consumer products that consistently satisfy customer needs while complying with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Leveraging a holistic quality management system, we deliver on our safety and quality commitment by:

  • achieving a right first time quality culture and engagement through people development and ongoing training programmes

  • adhering to standardised global policies, systems and standards

  • supporting global procurement activities and opportunities while safeguarding food safety, quality and sustainability

  • leveraging cross-functional ways of working to ensure quality is designed in at the new product development stage

  • optimising and standardising testing capability through automation, validation and trend analysis

  • driving continuous improvement by benchmarking, auditing and monitoring performance to targets

  • fostering a culture inclusive of trust, teamwork, responsibility, open communications, empowerment, high expectations and clear accountability

Certifications and affiliations

All of our manufacturing sites are certified against a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognised scheme.

We collaborate with industry peers from retail, manufacturing and foodservice companies, as well as governments and academia, to provide the thought leadership and guidance that enables food safety throughout the supply chain.

Kerry participates on a variety of technical boards and working groups that represent and promote the views of the food and beverage industry globally and throughout each region, using science-based advocacy to help shape public policy. We are also affiliated with SSAFE a non-profit organisation promoting the integrity of the global food system.


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