Culinary and Mixology Innovation

We excel in the space where food and beverage science and creativity intersect. Partner with us to develop new and better products that nourish and delight.

The union of art and science

When you partner with Kerry, you’ll access our team of chefs, bakers, baristas, mixologists, flavourists and more. These experts bring years of experience in the kitchen and behind the bar to ensure our solutions perform in the lab and delight in the marketplace.

We use creativity and design thinking to go beyond the science of food and beverage and deliver culinary innovation and inspired mixology. Let our expertise empower you to create products consumers love, meeting their need for uncompromised taste and nutrition.


Tackle today’s evolving food and beverage trends 

Plant-based proteins

Flexitarians and vegetarians want more alternative dairy and alternative meat options. Our culinary, flavour and food science teams have devised integrated solutions to overcome the common taste, texture and functionality challenges that arise with plant-based products.

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Around the world, the demand for healthier and more nutritious products is growing. We have solutions that deliver the nutrition consumers want while also optimising taste.

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Clean label

The expectations of label-conscious consumers is growing beyond nutrition, acceptable ingredients and sustainability to also include functional ingredients and taste. We have solutions that clean up ingredient lists while retaining flavour and shelf-life.

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