Clean Label Preservation

Extend shelf life and maintain fresh taste with our clean label portfolio of natural solutions.

A natural approach to freshness

With the rise of the clean label movement, consumer awareness and curiousity around ingredients has heightened. Preservatives are no exception and are often under attack as being perceived as harmful, despite their FDA approval and safety. Preservatives have long been used in food production and have a number of benefits. Food preservation ensures food safety through curing and antimicrobial protection, reduces food waste due to less spoilage and extends shelf life whilst maintaining quality and fresh taste.

Kerry offers a range of clean label preservation solutions, including Accel™, DuraFresh™ and UpGrade™, that deliver significant benefits to our customers, including:

  • Ability to claim no artificial preservatives

  • Premiumisation of products

  • Overcoming shelf life challenges with natural (no artificial preservatives) products

Opportunities backed by research


Percentage of Americans seeking more natural, less processed foods¹

[Source: ¹Mintel 2017]


Sodium Nitrite and Nitrate are among the top 5 ingredients consumers want to avoid in hot dogs and sausages²

[Source: ²2017 Kerry Proprietary Clean Label Study]


Percentage of Americans that want natural ingredients on the menu¹

[Source: ¹Mintel 2017]

Differentiate your foods and beverages with clean label preservation 

We’ve helped food manufacturers implement clean label preservation for nearly 50 years. Through our holistic approach, we offer opportunities to premiumise products with true differentiation, and in some situations, achieve growth in an otherwise declining category. The cost in use (CIU) for clean label preservation may be higher than that of chemical alternatives, however, a food or beverage made with our natural technologies can command a premium and reposition your brand to appeal to the better-for-you market.

Our clean label preservation solutions, Accel™, DuraFresh™ and UpGrade™, offer a variety of benefits:

  • Can be bespoke and developed as a functional blend or system

  • Provide the functionality of clean label, natural cure and/or antimicrobial protection

  • Higher in concentration and has less negative impact on taste

  • Authentic and wholesome, as naturally derived from foods through fermentation

  • Can be inspected and batch tested for natural origins

Our Expertise, Your Products
Reformulate for Clean Preservation Today

Kerry’s clean label natural preservation ingredients are used in:

Meat applications:

replace traditional sodium nitrite salts, traditional lactates and diacetates

Bakery applications:

eliminate the need for calcium propionate and chemical preservatives

Customised solutions:

application in meals, sauces and dairy products

Learn more about our food protection and fermentation ingredients:

Accel™ | DuraFresh™ | UpGrade™

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