Leading to better

We are Kerry. 23,000 staff embedded in six continents – all with the same goal: to delight and nourish consumers across the globe with products people enjoy and feel better about.

Based on changing consumer needs, our renewed focus for the future is taste and nutrition because these are the two things that consumers really care about. This simply means that we create more authentic and delicious taste experiences with the vital feel-good factor provided by nutritional science.

Every day millions of people throughout the world consume foods and beverages containing our taste and nutrition solutions. We are proud to provide our customers with the expertise, insights and know-how they need to deliver products that people enjoy and feel better about consuming.

Kerry’s commitment to taste and nutrition also extends to the biotech, pharmaceutical and nutritional markets, providing unique, innovative solutions that address manufacturers’ formulation challenges. 

We are dedicated to making the world of food and beverage better for everyone.

Leading to better taste

Today’s consumers want great-tasting products made from trusted, authentic and wholesome foods and flavours, and Kerry delivers the solutions that meet the needs of these consumers. Underpinned by a strong understanding of the fundamental science of taste, Kerry’s solutions are delivered by an industry-leading taste portfolio.

Leading to better nutrition

We make better-tasting products that also meet consumers’ complete nutritional needs. We lead our customers to a better understanding of how changes in nutritional requirements and consumer awareness are changing the global commercial landscape, and we pinpoint exactly how the science of nutrition should affect the production of food, beverage and pharmaceutical products. 

Underpinned by a strong foundation of the fundamental science of nutrition, Kerry’s solutions are delivered by an industry-leading nutrition portfolio.  

What is a Taste and Nutrition company?

Watch the video to discover more about what taste means to us, and find out how Kerry people around the world are pushing boundaries to deliver innovative delicious and nutritious products.