2021 Global Taste Trends

Our worldwide experts identified seven themes influencing global taste trends right now. Access the macrotrends and regional concepts to inspire your next innovation.

Actionable insights on global taste trends

While Kerry’s 2021 Taste Charts focus on trending ingredients and specific flavours, our new 2021 Global Taste Trend reports take a closer look at the seven macro taste trends influencing the global market, including the consumer need for nostalgia, health and novelty.

In regionalised reports, our experts cover how these trends vary in interpretation and application across Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa; North America; Central and Latin America and Europe. To inspire your next product innovation, our chefs, mixologists, baristas and applications experts have also included regional concepts that demonstrate the local application of each macrotrend.

This year trends are: Nostalgic Taste, Seasonal Taste, Enticing Eats, Taste Exploration, Novel Flavors, Acceptable Sweetness, Healthy Halo.

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