Case Study

Clean Label Hot Dog Brought to Market


A customer wanted to create a 100% angus beef hot dog that had the appealing sensory properties and appearance of a competitor’s product, only without the undesirable ingredients. In addition to a label that would allow for “no artificial preservatives”, “natural” and “no added nitrites/nitrates” claims in its country of sale, the product needed to meet the shelf life requirement of 90 to 120 days.


To meet the customer’s request for only clean label ingredients, our research and development team worked with our line of clean label preservation and fermentation ingredients, including Accel™ Natural Cure and DuraFresh™, which are comprised of cultured dextrose, dried vinegar and cultured celery.

These ingredients provide traditional cured colour, texture and flavor while maintaining fresh taste over the shelf life of the meat product. In the final product, cultured celery juice and dried vinegar make an appearance on the label while typical preservatives including sodium nitrite and sodium diacetate were not used.

During strict shelf life studies for the hot dogs, these natural solutions demonstrated that product freshness and safety could be maintained for up to 120 days.



A 100% Angus beef hot dog was taken to market with zero artificial preservatives without issues related to shelf life, taste, flavor or appearance.

“Consumers are responding well to the labeling, the elimination of undesirable ingredients and the classic taste, that comes without compromising on shelf life or food safety. This clean label product was launched with success and is already adding value for the customer.”

—Renetta Cooper, Kerry Business Development Director

The Kerry Difference

Our innovative solutions for clean label preservation came into play during this project. Because we were able to use recently developed technologies, development time was shortened which allowed the shelf-study process to start more quickly and ultimately reduced the time to market.

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