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Understanding the Regulatory Landscape and Impact on Tablet Film Coatings that are TiO2 free

Regulatory agencies are increasingly active in ensuring the safety of food additives used in our daily lives. This has put Titanium Dioxide in the spotlight, as safety concerns of this well-known food additive, continue to be at the forefront. As this ingredient comes under increased consumer and regulatory scrutiny as an additive in food products, it has created a need for a film coating that is free from Titanium Dioxide, for use in dietary & nutritional supplements, as well as pharmaceutical tablets.

 For a clarity on this topic, Kerry invites you to watch the recording webinar where our experts will discuss the current regulations, trends and alternative solutions for using Titanium Dioxide in Film Coatings.

Watch the available on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Hear the current regulations pertaining to Titanium Dioxide and how they impact the industry.
  • Understand how ingredients influence consumers
  • Learn about alternative solutions that will match the same aesthetics normally associated with TiO2 based film coatings.

Watch the webinar

Meet the speakers

Ms. Yasemin Koybasi, Global Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Manager, Kerry

Yasemin Koybasi is Kerry’s Global Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Manager within Kerry`s AHN Functional technologies Pillar. She has responsibility to ensure products are manufactured and marketed in line with appropriate legislations across globally in a range of highly regulated framework. Her focus encompasses enzymes, beverage ingredients, emulsifiers, texturants, human and animal nutrition and pharmaceutical ingredients. Yasemin has more than 15 years of comprehensive experience in the areas of regulatory affairs, she has skilled at collecting and analysing the regulatory information, communicating with all organisational levels in cross functional teams and developing strategic regulatory plans. She has a Bachelor`s degree in Chemistry and Master of Science degree in Organic chemistry.

Mr. Christian Venczel, Global Senior R&D Manager for Excipients, Kerry

Christian Venczel is Kerry’s Senior R&D Manager for Excipients. Chris is responsible for providing technical support to Kerry’s excipient business globally with a particular emphasis on the SheffCoat™ film coating business. Chris has more than 30 years’ experience in pharmaceutical related industries. Before recently joining Kerry, for the past 3 years Chris was Managing Director for Venczel Technologies. Prior to that Chris spent over 12 years at Colorcon as an Area Technical Manager, and also more than 18 years as an technical role with Wyeth Research (Now part of GSK Consumer Health).

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